[13] ~*Thu – 07/13/17*~

[12:15 pm]

I’m getting annoyed. Back in May I had applied for a “new” job. Was still the same kind of work I do but with a difference agency. My thinking was, if I get with two agencies maybe I’ll have more chances to fill the spots I want to fill in my schedule to make it so that I have Wed off which would finally give me two days off a week. I know I’m a workaholic but the one day a week is getting hard cause I feel like I don’t have time to get anything done. Of course on that one day all I want to do is sleep but then I need to catch up with things I couldn’t do during the week. I also wanted to go away this summer and with just one day you can’t really go anywhere. So yea, I had an interview with another agency which was a mess cause they kept rescheduling me and then it was my vacation which I went away. I finally got to the interview and they weren’t prepared for me at all as they thought I was supposed to go the week before (when I was on vacation).  No one seemed to want to do my interview when I was there and I felt like I was too much, I was about to tell them to just forget about it and I’d leave. Already there I wasn’t impressed with the agency so I didn’t sell myself to get the job so afterward I just didn’t think I’d be getting the job. Two weeks later I get home to a voicemail telling me when the orientation was. No “you got the job, call us back” or anything. It was just telling me when and where to go for orientation. I didn’t find that too professional. When you offer the job to someone shouldn’t you talk directly to them to make sure they got the message and not leave a voicemail about it. I don’t know, to me it wasn’t much of a good experience so I decided to just not go and not take the job and deal with the one agency and hope we’ll be able to make it so I can eventually have Wed off. With all honesty, I already have two jobs so I really don’t want to go with a second agency to add another job. I just would really like to have the hours I want where I want them. Being with a second agency could be hard to juggle so yea, I think I made the right decision with sticking with the one.

All that lovely story of me looking for another agency and why is meant for right now. I had told the girl at the office that I was looking to work at a second agency so that I could have better chance to get the schedule I wanted. She told me we could probably work it so that it would happen with me just working with the one place where I already work. What do you think been happening since?! She’s been asking me to take clients on Wed mornings and that pisses me off. My point was not to work on Wed, not freaking make it a dam full day of work. I start at 1 pm on Wed and don’t want to start earlier cause if me and hub do something on my day off then I can still sleep in the next day but nope. I just worked from 10:30 am to 8 pm yesterday because one of my client had an appointment earlier so of course, I took her. Now it looks like another client is cancelling me Mon cause she needs the morning and not to lose the hours I’d have to take her Wed from 10 to 12. Bleh! Hours or sleep?!

Last summer was a mess and I kept losing hours. I was doing 44 hrs (max I can do or I’d be doing more) with the agency and then suddenly it went down to like 38. Six hours a week less makes a huge difference on a paycheck. If only I didn’t have this huge ass student loan to repay for the next 12 years I wouldn’t care so much. So yea, was a hard summer but made it through. Then it was a back and forth with hours and then the store was giving me trouble cause I only work there on Sun so they want to get rid of me. If I lose the store that’s about $350 less a month which is a lot when you got 10 thousand things to pay and trying to make some savings. So basically, I’ve been having ups and downs with my hours for the last year. Every time my hours get fix, they get screwed again in a few weeks. I lost a client which I did 10 hrs with so that was a lot to lose all at once in Jan. Good way to start a new year! But they were filled fairly quickly so back to 40. Then I lose another client of 3 hrs so down to 37 for a lil while. Finally find a way to get some hours so back to 41 but then they take one away so down to 40 (40 is OK, I can deal with it but no lower). Yesterday I get a call saying I’m getting that hour back plus an extra one so I’d be at 42, that makes me happy. I just don’t know where to add the hour. Right now I’m debating on if my Wed off will be possible soon or not cause there’s a client I could switch from Wed to Thu so right now I need an extra 2 hrs either Mon evening or Thu morning to make it that I can have Wed off. Getting close but I don’t know. If I do, I’d be doing 40 hrs when right now I do 42.. An extra day off with 2 hrs less a week or keep it like it is?! Decision, decision!




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