I need a change in my life. I don’t know what it is, though. I just feel very incomplete. I’m not trying to have a “diary-like” situation going on, but I’m praying this journal helps me. I have a boyfriend that loves me, well I think he does, but I’m also very insecure and anxious all the time so to be honest,  I always just question what he feels about me. We’ve been dating for 4 months-ish, about to be 5  on the 17th and we met through tinder. How crazy, right? WE MET ON A DATING SITE. Never even thought about me being able to find someone online, but I did. He treats me right, but something is missing. I don’t know what it is! He doesn’t like social media and you know what, i hate that he doesn’t like social media. Sometimes I feel extremely dumb, but I like being shown off and people knowing how much he cares for me. It’s insane how much social media has affected me (in a bad way). I also get so jelly over his exes and I’ve never heard of them from him which is good because I don’t even want him to mention it. Anyway, I don’t know what it is, but something is fishy… OR honestly, I’m just paranoid. I don’t want to talk about him way too much on this app, but i’m trying to find a better way to release my emotions. That is all for now. 



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