Day 13 – 30 Days of Summer

The pond is one of our greatest summer accomplishments. I remember when we put it in.  It was a cold wet spring and we were celebrating my parents 50th wedding anniversary in our yard in June. I said to Jim; either we finish this thing, or we fill this hole and forget it. 

There’s been times over the years I wished we would have filled the hole and walked away, but then it comes to life and everything turns green and blooms and I can’t imagine our yard without it.

It started as a small pond project and has grown to a large centrepiece of our yard. I care for it, clean and prune it and facelift it when it needs. I remember the day I stood back and realized it needed to be bigger, to wrap around the tree and bring it all together.  I grabbed a shovel and started taking out the grass, drove to the farm and gathered rocks and watched my vision take shape once again. 

This year it was time to bring the maintenance level down so I redid the front with easier care rock and plants. I love how it’s turned out and the birds love my new happy little Buddha. They perch on him and wait patiently while other birds are splashing around in the waterfall.

We don’t travel much in the summer. Why would we? We have so much beauty and nature right here in our back yard.  

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