Getting A Divorce

It honestly hurts to know that you wasted time on a person for so long only to see in the end it truly comes to an end. I was married with him for 2 years and 7 months which he said to him it felt less then that. Cause he lost love for me but thing that ticks me off is he was lying to me for that long that he loved me. It wouldve been better off to get a divorce sooner rather then later. But im happy he opened up and told me the truth. I am moving forward and looking at the bigger picture I wasnt happy with him. He wasnt a good husband and apparently I wasnt a good wife. God only knows what he does for a reason and Im happy im getting use to the fact that he has someone else and hes moving on and I know I will to. Im kind of excited to be alone again. I can actually be free. No more i have to worry about this and that Im sad that my dogs suffered without me. And they probably think I abandoned them when it isnt like that I left for the better and I believe him when he said he would take care of them and then bring them back but then I believed him in a lot of things. like that he loved me and actually cared for me. He showed me he didnt and honestly now I have my guard up a bit but im not going to stop looking for mr. Right. I am not. no matter how much ive been through I know there is someone out there for me there always is someone for everyone. 

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