My First Time


Let me just start off by saying, this isn’t actually me talking about “My first time”…dirty minds, it’s actually my first time on this site!I’m no expert at writing, and I am pretty terrible at reading…So if I do end up receiving hate comments I can’t read those, since I just stated right above that I’m pretty terrible at reading…haha wink wink?

Okay well, HI! My name is…just like all beginner bloggers, well that’s what I want to reach one day…I hope that someone special out there will enjoy what I have to offer, and in three weeks ill have some followers? Was that too much too fast? In all seriousness I literally am just a typical young adult trying to figure out what the bleep* I am actually doing with my life.

It all started when I was in my early years when adults still saw me as the sweet, innocent and vulnerable little girl. I was actually born in the Philippines and was blessed to move to the United States when I was five years old. My mom and step dad’s love story is just the cutest thing. Well, lets get the ugly out of the way first. My mom actually conceived me with another sperm dude and that’s pretty much all I know about that guy. Fast-forward a couple months, my mom had an opportunity to work in Korea and flew herself to Korea from the Philippines. While she was getting out form the plane my step dad at the time was exiting from another plan coming from America, because he had on paid deployment to Korea. Going forward a couple hours the same day, my mom’s friend Karen(lets call her Karen for the sake of this story) who knew my dads group of friends had a blind date with my step dad. Little did this universe know, my mom and step dad actually ended up talking. The conversation was great, they were flirting, they had a great time, and had all that cute chemistry when you find love at first site.

Soooooo, fast forwarding five years ahead my Mom and step dad eventually go married. My step dad was the one who stayed by my moms’ side throughout her pregnancy and my day of birth.

Okay, now I’m about 13, 14, 15 years old and I’m started to get the talk… the talk every child either really hates to answer because they are just trying to enjoy their teen years or the talk that every kid is so certain about when they grow up they are going to be the next doctor. I just so happened to be that child that just did not want to think about what the heck my life will be in 30 years. My entire grade school career I convinced myself that I was going to join the Air Force to follow my step dads’ footsteps (by the way I take my step dad as, “dad”, I do not call him by his first name, as a matter of fact til this day I call him “Daddy”). But, deep down inside me, I just knew that joining the military was not what I wanted to do. I knew in my heart that there was something else for my future.

As I entered high school, like most teenage girls I was curious about guys and curious of which guy I will be picking “does he love me does he not” pedals for. I had this stupid list that I thought would never come true. And guess what! On March 9, 2013 was probably one the most life changing things that has ever happened to me! I MET A BOY…yup.. I met the brown haired, curly hair, blue eyed white boy that wore glasses.

Robert, I knew in my gut was not going to be just a stupid one-month crush hoping that we would last a long time. Actually, if I may back up…my youngest sister started Tae Kwon Do classes. I took her in the evenings and watched her, she kicked ass and was actually a great student. Anyways, each class the students were to bring books they read so at the end of each class they would receive stickers…well, it was my sisters turn to get her sticker and as she got her sticker she told instructor Bobby that I thought “he was cute” and from then on I think you guys can some up the story…yes, we were that typical couple that did not ever get enough time together.. got in trouble with the cops yade yade yaaa. That could be another story, a different time.

May 29, 2014 another best day of my life…maybe the last thing my parents were proud of me about…jk.. on this day at 6:00pm I graduated high school, woohooo…and from this point I still had no idea if I truly wanted to join the military. All I was certain about was how happy I was that I’m finally getting out from that school.

A week later, I decided to move out. Yes, 18 had a part time job, being an assistant for a real estate agent barley making 1,200 dollars a month to live. I don’t know how in the world. I was going to make it, but I had confidence! A month went by and my boyfriend and I found a decent affordable apartment complex in California. I obviously did not join the military, but then my real estate assistant job came to an end. Luckily, I found a job working at a Casino. But, having that job and my boyfriend working a lot as well gave us some trouble.

My boyfriend and I defiantly had our ups and downs. He worked a lot and so did I. The cost of school and living on our own eventually caught up to us. When our lease was up my boyfriend decided to move to ARIZONA! I tried so hard to convince him not to move, but it was for the best, if he was ever going to pursue his career. So, for a year he lived in Arizona and I lived in California with some roommates. It was not what I expected… not having my boyfriend, my best friend not by my side everyday helping me when I had a bad day or go out and have fun with really sucked. I chose to stay in Cali, because at the beginning of our relationship I knew this guy will always be in my life, but after the move I was not sure. I did not want to make a permanent decision. BUUTTT, one year later, I was done living in this town. I literally was going nowhere. I drove to many miles to go to work and school. Which was probably something I shouldn’t have complained about and should’ve sucked up and finished, but one day I was just so fed up. I was not happy anymore and I didn’t know who I was. I was always mad, loved my coworkers to death, but other than that I didn’t care about anything. After talking to my good friend Grey, I really knew what I wanted. I wanted a new start and to find happiness… I quit my job and told my boyfriend I want to move to Arizona.

Today, I have lived in Arizona for about 9 months. As much as I hate the heat out here, and so booty that there is no beach, I’m actually really happy…

And now this is where I stop so I can write more , i feel like I can go on forever, haha. I understand that this is a diary site, but I have a goal that I actually have readers out there that I inspire, because lots of blogs that I follow actually fucking inspire me!
In these entries I want to talk about how I became who I am today, what helps me each day to live life to the fullest, what I decided to do with my life, how I find cheap stuff at goodwill or the dumpster and manage to flip it, and pretty much my life now! I’m really crossing my fingers that at least 2 or 3 people took the time to read this and will want to continue following me through my journey.
Even if it’s two or three people that I inspire or help, that’s great. And my last goal, I want to meet new people and discover the world through whoever reads this. I want to be that person to change lives, and interact with people who are willing to befriend me!

Ps… like what I said earlier, I’m not an expert at writing and I’m pretty terrible at reading… so please do tell me any tips about starting this blog, but don’t leave me hate comments… There are far too many things to hate on than me ☺

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