I’m up early again.  Please excuse this spastic entry.  For some reason every time I hangout with Tyler I never get enough sleep.  It’s probably all the adrenaline or something.  Last night went just as well as the first night.  I was nervous as hell at first but when I got there I got more comfortable.  No matter how nervous I am, once I start talking to him I just get more comfortable.  We walked to the park near his house and just talked for awhile and I find myself telling him things that I normally would keep private or at least not be comfortable telling anyone for awhile.  Then we went back to his house and swam for a little bit and then watched a movie.  I’m so glad we both like horror movies because almost every person I talk to, hates them.  We have yet to finish a movie because we just end up having sex.  He is beyond sexy.  I can’t believe he actually likes me lol.  We always talk about how it’s so surreal that we used to think each other was cute at work but couldn’t really act on it because we both were in relationships at the time and now here we are in bed together.  I’m going to be pretty tired today but it’s well worth it.  Tomorrow is the day we were originally supposed to hangout and I hope we still do.  I’m also hoping this feeling will carry me through this long workday I have ahead of me.   

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