Since she left

Life has taken a turn for the worst since the day she left. The decline had at first been slow but soon picked up speed fast enough that would make a bullet feel jealous. Things took a turn for the worst. I had already lost friends due to being in a relationship with her, people i will never get back. My motivation on the daily basis grew smaller and smaller. I had invested too much on her that i was utterly lost when she suddenly walked into the arms of another boy. Terrible dreams of her keep me from sleep. I prefer being tired at work rather than experiencing those vivid bitter sweet memories of our time together. I wonder if you think of me as much as i think of you. I also wonder what life would be like if i did not go to the party where we met. It has almost been a full year since we lasted talked and still a day does not go by where i am not reminded of you. I hope you are doing great wherever you are. 

One thought on “Since she left”

  1. I feel you. Check out my last post from yesterday – there’s always “the one that got away”.

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