07/14/2017 04:34 Lonely Bed

I hate having a different sleep schedule than my boyfriend. I work from normally about 16:00-01:00 everyday, night shift so I am going to bed at around 05:00-06:00 everyday while he is still up only having gotten up at around 23:00 or so. I am not mad at him or anything he’s not doing it on purpose his schedule is just different than mine so more often than I like I end up going to bed alone and nothing makes me feel more alone or afraid for my relationship then shivering in my bed alone at night. I know it shouldn’t and that it is just his social and work schedule that makes him have different hours than me but it reminds me of how everything that went wrong with my ex started with him never laying down when I did. Most of the time he would come to bed about 5 minutes after and when I asked he said he was doing it on purpose. I am just afraid things will escalate the way they did with my ex but I know my current boyfriend is not like him. I just have to remind myself more when I’m in bed alone.

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