[14] ~*Fri – 07/14/17*~

[6:41 pm]

Nothing exciting to talk about today. I can sleep in tomorrow morning which is nice. We’re going to see Planet Of The Apes. Eww! So not looking forward to it, I will more than likely sleep the whole movie (2:30 hrs). One good thing, I think my client of Sat morning is going out on Sun with another worker and hopefully she’ll be going to the beach so I won’t have to take her cause I hate the beach with a passion. Well, not really. The beach is a lovely place at night. I can’t handle the sun and heat so the beach is a terrible place for me to be during day time. Just thinking of having to go there stresses me out so I really hope once is enough for her and that I won’t have to take her. 

I still haven’t heard back for my doors and I still need to go get my windshield checked to make sure it won’t get any worse. I’m also waiting on a text from the jail guy so we can book some cells. I kind of want to text him back to say that I am still waiting but I feel like I’m harassing him in some way so I want to wait for his text. I will give him until tomorrow and if he doesn’t text back, I will remind him that I am still waiting. I know he’s a little overwhelmed with all of it but I just don’t want to wait and then not be able to book as someone else would of booked online before I do directly with him. 

I need to find games that I can play offline on my phone. All my games need Internet and since I don’t have data I can’t play when I’m at the club with my client and it’s boring. The time goes by so very slowly. They do have a connection at the club but it’s locked and I feel bad about asking for the password. I’d want to bring my book inside and read but I feel bad about doing that too. 

I can’t wait to get my hair done in a week and a half. For one, it’s really faded and need new dye. I also really want the underneath shaved. It grew a lot and it’s too hot for me. I asked hub to shave it for me so I don’t have to wait but he doesn’t want to do it.  I don’t know why, but it’s really bugging me right now.. it’s like, I have too much hair. Well, I do have too much hair as my hair is super thick but yea.. 

I guess that’s it. I’m not too sure if I’ll be writing everyday although I’ve been doing it so far. I feel like I need to make an entry per day even if I don’t really have anything to talk about. I guess we shall see how it goes with time. I also wonder how I’ll be on pictures as I try to put a different picture with each entry but if I keep going like I’m going, I’m gonna run out soon. 




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