[14.1] ~*Fri – 07/14/17*~

[9:40 pm]

Dang! I got home and saw that hub already got the new PC. That was fast! He ordered it Tue evening and got it today. He texted me as I was getting in the house and well, they left the dam thing on the steps. How can a delivery company can do that?! You have an item worth $1200 and they just leave it outside at the door when you don’t answer. What if someone goes by and just decides to steal it or what if we were gone on vacation and it sits there for a week and it rains?! This is ridiculous! It’s not the first time that they leave items like that on the steps and I just don’t understand how they are even allowed to do so. Hub is a bit pissed because of that and it’s totally understandable. He should contact the delivery company and see what’s up with that. You can’t just leave a brand new PC out on the steps like that. OK, I will stop talking about it cause it’s just getting me mad. 

So yea, I got home and saw the PC in the kitchen (hub just saw it on the steps as he was getting out to go to work so he just brought it in and didn’t have time to set it up or anything so guess what he will be doing tonight) and texted hub while he was on break at work. After that I made myself some yummy corn on the cob, did the dishes, cleaned the suggies tray and doing some laundry. I swear, I never stop. The first load just finished so I guess I should go in the shower but I wanted to write a little before going. I said earlier I didn’t have anything to say today but of course, I always end up coming back and writing some more boring things. What can I say, I love writing.

I emailed my friend and told her the guy from the jail texted me this morning to say he would contact me later during the day to book those cells and of course, he hasn’t contacted me yet. Bleh! Why can’t people just do what they gotta do. I’m waiting on him and on the guy for my doors. Anyways, I want to text him back to say I am still waiting to book the cells but I feel like I’m harassing him so I guess I will wait until tomorrow and hope he texts back by then or I will have to do it as I don’t want someone to book online before I can do it directly with him and lose the chance to go.

I’ve also just downloaded an app to learn ASL. I’ve been waiting to learn sign language for ages. I learned some back in high school but of course, I forgot most of it. When I was in university, one of my teacher knew how to sign so I had asked him about where I could take a class but never got to it. I’ve been watching the TV show, Switched At Birth, so that is making me want to learn it so bad. I decided to check on my phone to see if I could find any apps and I did. Not sure how good they are but I’m gonna give it a try and hope to learn some of the language. I sometime get deaf people at the store and I always wish I could just communicate with them, even if it was just a few words. 





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