Dear Diary, today was terrible.

Dear diary,

Today was terrible. Sure, for the first 5 or 6 hours of school it was pretty normal, but noo, Jesus and Seh just had to point out that the foreign student Juliana who was reading her essay about Abraham Lincoln’s speech, “Gettysburg Address,” and President Obama’s farewell speech was pronouncing,  “Gettysburg,” as, “Gettysboog-er,” and of course, I snorted. I just snorted. And it just so happens that the teacher was walking around and heard me and thought I was laughing at Juliana, but in reality, it wouldn’t have happened if those two didn’t point out that she was pronouncing Gettysburg wrong! It’s just her accent, and I have no problem with that! I watch the anime Hetalia and the dub’s accents are funny but I don’t laugh at it! So my teacher told me to get out of the room and stand outside to think what I’ve done, and honestly I knew better not to talk back to a teacher so I did as told. We have this little thing where we put check marks on activities when we get into trouble, and when the bell rung, I got called inside and went to the teacher. She scolded me about, “Thinking I was better than everyone,” but in reality I think I’m just a piece of trash and that I’m just a waste of space in society but I didn’t talk back and she made me put a check mark on an activity. When we were packing, I had a total meltdown and my best friend tried to comfort me, and she is just so sweet. I think I swing that way because when she gave me her jacket to let me.. I don’t know, do something with it, I felt a lot better with it for some reason. The only reason I’m living is for her.

P.S, I’m crying as I write this.


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