I like how so many pure and very weird memes are being made about Fireflies, even though the song is a bit (read: very) overplayed. But it’s a good song and it brings back nice fuzzy memories of being a youth on vacation in Hong Kong.

I’m just really stressed and worried though because this Tumblr post claimed that Adam Young is a raging homophobe, that he is sexist, and that he believes rape doesn’t happen and women are only necessary for procreation. I mean, really? I don’t even know if those are true or not. It would be devastating if they were true. He seems like such a pure and wholesome guy. I hope he’s not actually a horrible person. That would make all of his music lose their charm.

The problem with liking someone’s music or movies is that if they turn out to be a horrible person, you just can’t enjoy anything they do in the same way.


I wrote a huge bit about feminism, but I decided to delete it.


I hate studying for the SAT.


Today I woke up with all of the symptoms of a period. I was sweating, shaking, and my stomach was cramping horribly. I spent a long while in the bathroom, my hands cold even though it’s been hot all day. But surprisingly enough, I haven’t gotten my period even though it’s time for it anyway (at least, if we’re going by a thirty-day cycle, which isn’t always accurate because my body is weird and unpredictable). Since it came early last month (like, way, way early) I’m assuming it’s just decided to come late this time.


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  1. That part about liking somebody’s work and them turning out to be a terrible person is so true! It really ruins your ability to trust someone and it’s devastating.

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