Having Fun Yet?

Well, here it is: my Friday off.  Well, kinda.  I have an appointment to keep at 5.  So until then, the boredom sets in.  Normally, I’d be on my way to sauced right about now, but I need to be keen for my appointment – It’s a bit of a drive.  I’m trying to keep myself occupied, but it isn’t easy.  I should be working on my wedding vows, or working on the music for church on Sunday, but I simply can’t find the motivation.  I would be motivated with a few drinks in me, though (my dilemma.)

And now, the Simpsons DVD I was watching has ended.  That was my last idea.  What do I do now?

Less than a week until we’re back together.  A few days later, we’ll be married.  Until then, I’m just alone and bored.  I’m so damn bored.  I hate it.  I have no friends without her, nowhere to go, nothing to do.

Is this my life?  Void?  Empty space?  I kinda just want to say “Fuck it” to my appointment later so it wouldn’t matter what I did this afternoon.  I could get drunk as usual and at least enjoy being bored.

I’m going to try and watch some YouTube Poop for a while.  That used to make me feel better.  Or maybe I’ll play Animal Crossing.  Or color in one of my coloring books (if she didn’t take all the colored pencils.)

Thanks again for reading and being my companion for a while.

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