I couldn’t sleep again.  It never fails.  Whenever I see Tyler I can’t sleep.  It’s almost 6 in the morning and even though I don’t have work until 1, I know I won’t be able to go back to sleep.  Work yesterday was brutal.  We have a few times of the year when we’re super busy and one of them is the holidays and the other is around this time.  At least I was able to hide my earphones with my hair and listen to music for most of the day.  The only bad thing is that it drains my batteries really fast.  Stupid droid.  Towards the end of the night Tyler asked if I wanted to stop by before I went home since he lives so close to my work.  I was unprepared and sweaty and gross…but I wanted to see him so I cleaned up as much as possible and went to visit him not even for 30 min.  It still was nice seeing him and we just talked for a little bit and I was pooped from work so I left.  He invited me out to a club with him and his friend tonight and I sort of gave him a half answer as I was tired and delirious last night.  The problem is that I close again tonight and I know I’m going to be tired and sweaty and gross again.  But the more I think about it, I don’t want him going by himself and being able to hit on other girls.  Look at me getting all territorial already.  Anyways, I’m not even sure if they’re going for sure because he has to travel pretty far today for work so he might be tired.  We’ll see.  I wish there was other news but that’s pretty much all there is.  Work and Tyler.  I’ve almost completely stopped caring about Tinder and I can’t even imagine going on another Tinder date.  I just feel like no one can compare to Tyler and yes I know I shouldn’t be putting all my eggs in one basket so to speak.  I am still talking to the guy I went on my first Tinder date with.  He really really likes me…he’s the one that basically asked me to be his girlfriend already.  I mean he’s sweet and not bad looking but I have my mind elsewhere.  I’m dreading work today because I know it’s going to be hell.  Hopefully I’ll have something to look forward to tonight. 

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