[15] ~*Sat – 07/15/17*~

[12:59 am]

Hub is like a child right now. He got home from work and started opening the new PC. He’s now sitting on the floor, looking at the tower and all. I’m glad he’s the one switching the PCs and not me. He wants to put the old hard drive in the new PC so that we don’t need to transfer our stuff. Well, his stuff since I don’t really have anything on it as my stuff on the laptop.

Anyways, this wasn’t the reason why I felt like writing right now. I don’t know but I just feel like going outside at the moment. I’d like to go sit at the fountain at the library. I think I’m obsess with it. Haha! I told hub I wanted to go and he said “At this time? It’s the middle of the night.” so I told him that last year we were going at this time to chase some Pokemon. He asked if it’s what I wanted to do. Bleh! Told him that I just wanted to go sit and I don’t know, play on my phone I guess since it’s dark and I won’t be able to read. Probably not a good idea for me to go by myself so I’m in bed now, about to play my farm game then read. I know if I would of asked hub to come with me he would of but I’ll let him play with his new toy. 

Talking about new toy, I’m surprised he hasn’t mentioned his tags since I got them. I thought he would of said something about it when he got the PC as he got it in 3 days and the tags were ordered back in May. Oh well.. I’m not sure if I’ll give them all to him next Wed but prob at least half since he’s been good with cleaning the suggies kitchen. He only missed a day since last Thu which is really good for him. I’m just scared to give him all of them and then he stops cleaning and I’ll be mad at myself for being too nice too quickly.

Note to self: Suggies don’t like peas as they didn’t eat what I gave them last night. Didn’t think they did but wanted to try to make sure. 


[2:23 am]

Why is it that when I can sleep in I fall asleep earlier than when I need to wake up early?! Blah! I didn’t even read. I played my game then put the phone away and sorta drift off so now I shall sleep but I feel like my night is wasted cause I could be reading my book right now. I also feel like something is missing cause I didn’t read. Since I have the morning to myself I’d like to get up and go to brunch at the Casino as I never can but we all know that I will be sleeping until the very last minute before work so I don’t even know why I’m mentioning this. 





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