Coffee shop on Saturday

1:15 PM sitting at this coffee shop called Verve in downtown LA. I had to drive almost an hour to get place and find parking around. Ended up paying $10 for parking but I’m so glad that I’m finally here. My cream cheese croissant was good and coffee is great. Love the atmosphere too. Got lucky to get a seat by the window and an outlet. Writing all day past due journals and about to get into coding.

Today’s goal:
Write past due journals
Get search feature done
– Set up admin page
– Start prototype article

Let’s see how much I can get done today.

So 5:34 PM now still at the coffee shop but about to head out cause my parking ends at 6 PM. Spent all day working on search feature and I got it done. Just pushed it to live but haven’t got into any of other lists yet lol. I will have to spend tomorrow do this these up I guess. Heading out now.

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