Saturday July 15th

I am getting off to a better start today as far as getting back on my routine. I got everything out of my storage except for the cedar chest, and I think I am going to need someone to help me get it. It’s not heavy but it’s just too big for me to pick up by myself. My mother is coming to lexington tomorrow and I am going to load up her car with stuff to take to her house. 

was getting very anxious yesterday, so I got up and took John on a walk. That really helped. I hate Brent’s neighborhood. There are no good places to walk around here. I will try to figure something out today. I need a 5 mile route. I think I will just go walk the track at Clays Mill today. John was such an unkempt mess I thought about how I could possibly take him home with me, but I just don’t think I can. I would have to get permission from Blake first of all and I doubt that I would even get past that step, and then it would be such a pain in the ass to walk him in the rain and snow and super early in the morning before school. I am going to try to get Noah to do a better job taking care of him. If that still doesn’t happen, I will start thinking about a plan b. 

Later, that same day…

I think I have my stuff pretty organized. I have a set of boxes for my mother to take to her house and a set for me to take to New York. Most of the stuff I am taking is school stuff, so that’s good news as far as not crowding my apartment any further.

I have taken John on a walk and worked on my online class today. I brushed Noah’s cat a few times- each time for as long as she will let me- and have gotten a ton of hair off of her. Brent and Noah just don’t do anything to take care of these animals. I am afraid to say too much about John, though since I can’t really take him with me.

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