[16] ~*Sun – 07/16/17*~

[10:37 pm]

So, the movie of yesterday was blah, as I expected. For one, it was way too long. I tried my very best not to sleep but of course I slept here and there. Good thing about 3D movies, you got glasses that hides your eyes. Haha! After the movie I wanted to go.. to the fountain. Obsession! There was an event going on so I didn’t go as there was a lot of people. I wanted to go to the other library but there was an event there as well so I finally just went to the park and stayed there to read for a little while.

I wanted to go to the fountain today as well but not too long after I got off work it started raining. Work was a bit painful today as my feet are killing me. I think it’s because of the walking I did with a client on Fri. I had a hard time standing but I managed. I was also a bit pissed off cause who ever did the closing last night (I think it was a new girl.. had too) did a terrible job at it. She left a note saying she couldn’t balance so she left it like that. Who does that?! You can’t just leave it like that.. at least call the manager to let her know you’re stuck and can’t balance. Took me almost an hour to fix up her mess and do all her paperwork she hadn’t done. Grr! I feel like there’s always something to fix on Sun. I work one day a week at the store and I always have to fix other people shit. Kinda annoying!

So yea, after my day at work I didn’t really feel like coming home. I don’t know why but lately I never want to come home. I always want to go sit outside and read and enjoy the fresh air as long as there is no sun. As it was raining and hub had texted me to say he was taking his lunch around 7 pm and it was around that time when I was done work, I decided to drive to McDonald’s near his work place so we could meet up there and eat together. After that, I still didn’t want to come home so I decided to go over to my friend’s place and see how her weekend went as I hadn’t heard from her.

That’s pretty much what happened since the last time I wrote. I had received a private call on my cell while I was at work and I was all excited cause I thought it was the guy from the jail thing to book but of course it wasn’t. The person hadn’t left a message so no clue who it was. When I got home, there was a voicemail on the home phone and it was work saying that my first client cancelled although she didn’t specify which day it was for and didn’t say any name so I think I’m cancelled for tomorrow morning but I’m not a 100% sure. That said, I’ll have to wake up tomorrow morning to call the office to make sure cause I don’t want to call the “on call” right now as it’s almost 11 pm. I would text the girl but I don’t have her cell number, I just have the other girl’s number and she’s not the “on call” tonight so yea. I think I can sleep in tomorrow but I still have to get up to make the call. That’s awesome if I am cancelled as I am also cancelled with my last client of the day and I was supposed to close the store but the manager said she didn’t need me in the end so basically my day of work tomorrow will be 12 to 4. I’m OK with that! Plus, my client wants to go in the water thing at the park tomorrow so with me having only her tomorrow means I can get wet as well as I won’t have to work afterward and can come home. 

Anyways, last night I was doing the dishes and asked hub if I had to clean the suggies kitchen and he said no, that he was gonna do it today. Of course, he didn’t do it but he told me he would once he’d be home from work. The suggies are up right now and probably want some food but I really don’t feel like cleaning their kitchen so they will have to wait another hour or so for when hub gets home. I’m evil!




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