Sometimes we get lost in the bright lights and smoking mirrors. We have a vision of something we once had and think it is still at our reach. With out moving on. We hold on to hope that we can go back to the way things were, the way we planned and imagined them to be. The negative thing about that is that we forget what we went through for that thing that once was, to now be no more. We back track, taking steps back erasing all notion of the great progress made. You sell yourself short, giving the person who hurt you the upper hand. You let their bullshof slide, they take advantage of the fact the you FORGOT how you both got there on the first place. Why have you forgotten? Why? Remember crying yourself of sleep? Was that in vain? Remember the pain of your broken heart that no drug could take away? Remember not feeling you were worth it? You questioned yourself , your worth, you lost yourself. You struggled financially raising a princess on your own! All of that just for you to forget!!!  How dare you FORGET? You troll social media, investigating if he has moved on and isn’t telling you. Wtf??? Where do you think he was when he slept out and dint come home and cut you off while you slept inthe same bed? Was that not an indication that he moved on? Does he have to fuck her on your bed right in front of you for you to realise he has moved on? Get it in your head, he…has …: MOVED on, his family has Moved on! It’s not about you anymore MOVE the fuck on…. one foot after the other in opposite direction! Get the fuck out of there!  One foot after the other in the opposite direction. How many times will he fuck with your head, get out of there. 

Where are you? GO!!!! 

Today I make that decision to move on. It’s hurts, youve lied, I’ve cried, you’ve cheated, my heart is defeated. 

Moving on…….




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