Confessions of an Anonymous Star 7.15

Up late trying to figure out why I have n’t written anything fluid in weeks…

Honestly, there’s not enough to be inspired by here, and I’m teetering amid thinking about why I need to leave here. (Or I’m deeply seething from still settling into old moves that bring me that same derogatory results.)

My thoughts, dreams, and prophetic premonitions have not served me congruently currently in regards to romance, but I’ve also excepted that romance is not really reality. It’s more like an abstraction, placated on a hoped for concept or idea of comfort, regarding interaction between one & another(s). For me, that is just an area that will always suffer. Why? I dunno…

Had a meeting, went to the store, went to another store, and came home. 

I lost control…but I’m able to still write after it. She was n’t the best looking one I’ve had, but she was miraculous toward dismissing the dissenting slant of what I’m consistently seein’. 

I had to remove Snapchat. I’d already done Instagram. In order for me to feel ok, I have to delete something…

Yellow Raincoat by Justin Bieber 

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