I just realized that I didn’t apologize to him for being such a bitch. Oh I feel awful. 

Nothing I can do now. 
My heart literally hurts, I have a severe chest pain. I’m going to the doctor tomorrow. 

I am in so much pain, it hurts to breathe. And I’m not being overdramatic, I’ve always struggled with asthma. But its gotten so much worse. 

3 thoughts on “CRUMBLE”

  1. I’ve missed so much.
    Aza, I’m sorry for what happened. He seemed so perfect for you and you him from what you always wrote, but if he can’t accept you for how you are and what your beliefs, or lack of, are then…why bother if it’s only going to continue being a huge issue.
    As much as I was rooting for your relationship with him, I believe you are better off without him if he can’t accept EVERY part of you. You found an awesome guy once, you will find another that will be like him, but also possibly better. Someone preferably who isn’t a fuckboy.
    If you need to talk to someone I’m always here<3

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