Day 094 – An Eventfull day (A day to remember)

Today was something else it’s a day when you feel the things happening are from God and he let you know something and wants to help you.

Friday was my last day before annual leaves of one week so I have to do a lot work because I’m leading Client side development of Game and only one engineer is working under me ATM, I went office one hour late because I did paper work at home what I was suppose to do

On my way to office I meet a blind man he came to wrong place he was all alone there is old lady standing there she asked me do help this old man so I did, I asked old man where you are you going then he replied, I told him to grab my hand and lets walk a bit then I will arrange an auto for you, while we were walking we talked a bit  then he asked me a question which puts smile on my face, he asked me where are you going, I told him office then he asked where are you coming from 🙂 (he thought I have bunked my office or I was coming from somewhere fishy :P) then I told him I became late today, then I stopped an auto and I told him the place to drop this old man there and I asked the auto man slowly how much it will cost then I paid for him and tell the auto driver not to charge the fare from this old man after this event I was feeling very light and my brain become calm before I was rushing with work thoughts and all.

In office I started work on replay system and I assigned two critical bugs to other engineer these bugs are there for more then month or two but she got them fixed after 2 hours that was quick though after office CEO called me over UI artist table where he was discussing the feature and he also want me to know about because I have to implement that after that meeting I did another meeting with server engineer related to chat system of game I was working on chat system on game but this feature has to be get completed in next week so I assigned this task to other engineer because I was not available for next week. 

I talked to engineer sitting next to me we talked about general stuff like when our pays supposed to be get incremented and some office new policies then she wished me “enjoy you leaves” I thanked him and I asked her suggest me a movie or two then she suggested me three movies then I said to her we will talk in my leaves, she said ok.

At lunch time I saw a girl she has the most beautiful nose I have ever seen in real life and her hair and face cuts are just fabulous nor I was not looking at her like a pervert neither I was to get her to me she was so perfect if someone came close to her they might break her, she looks surreal to me I was looking at her and admiring her beauty that all.

At tea break I went downstairs with a colleague there we take break little bit longer and we talked he told me a good thing he said most of the people get success after there 30 he prove his argument with examples and he said and we have just started our professional career and at times we became hopeless he was right I got his point.

I spend 3 and half hour extra at office I did finish my current task and I uploaded the latest build and I leave message in project group and left for home.

After eating my dinner I visit doctor It was very late around 11 pm there was no patient in queue I was the only one at that time so I started a conservation with doctor it was a very good conservation it taught me great lesson after some time some patients came then I said good bye to doctor and asked me to visit after 5 days or so then I got medicine and Injection and went home.

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