Day 505 – Haircut, party & cousin

Saturday, July 15th 2017

Today was fun.

I got a haircut, which is this one :

I’m a big fan of it. Also, the place we went to was pretty fancy. Everything was modern, I was offered a drink… I enjoyed it.

Later on I played on the server a little before going to a wedding anniversary party. I met people I haven’t seen in a while, met new people, talked a lot with my brother, got bit by musquitos, ate a good dinner, watched people dance, danced with my grandma and listened to the fiddler in the band, since my favourite instrument is the violin. He also looked really familiar. Apparently he won best fiddler for four contests, so maybe I saw him while searching violin stuff in the past? Or he just looks like an actor; I bet that’s it.

I discovered my cousin, the one I usually refer to as a prodigy, is actually going to a furry convention and meet up with a friend in another city. I mean, I like furries; I don’t consider myself one, since I don’t participate, but I’ve been tempted in doing so and like watching furry related things from time to time. So hearing that my cousin is a furry made me happy I wasn’t the only one, but the problem is, he’s sixteen and booked a hotel room with his mom’s credit card. Which, his mom isn’t the type to say yes to that, and he’s a minor, so he can’t do that. And he’s also going alone, which is incredibly unsafe at his age, and again, he’s a minor, he’s gonna get rejected at the hotel. So what’s gonna happen is that my cousin doesn’t go, or someone goes with him. Just, I hope he didn’t steal that credit card. If he did, that’s totally out of character for him. I doubt he did though, since my mom said my aunt seems to not be able to say no to her kids lately.

Anyway, when I got back home I watched an episode of Supernatural.

That’s all for today.

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