Where does your mind go when it goes wandering?

To wander and not be lost.

To be lost only to be found.

She looked at me. A very familiar face. Not smiling. Stoic. 

I’ve seen her before. More often than I wish.

It was an ordinary day. Woke up, prepared and then head to work.

“The company has to downsize, we can only hire you as part time or we have to let you go.”, he said. 

She was there.

It was a sunny day, got up hopeful.

“We regret to inform you that you are not selected for the position.”, he said.

Again I saw her.

It was a fine day. After a long time, we met. Missed him so much I gave in. 

“It’s ok. He makes me happy.” I said.

I did not see her then.

Woke up.Smiling. ” Again we will be together,” I said. 

But then, ” I can not meet you,” he said.

I saw here again. Staring. She looked more dreary today.

“What’s wrong?” I asked her.

“Why everything is not right?” 




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