18. An Update.

Hello. It’s been a while since I’ve logged in and I guess I might as well update you to whom ever. My last journal entry was actually about people who would post ads about things and it was really annoying to me, because this is a place where you want to share your feelings and emotions to people. Not promote your company -_-

Anyways, sorry for the lag, but I am here now. Here’s a little update!

I’m still reading stories from Watt pad, and I am in love with the romances. ha-ha, yeah I know, typical. I am still doing that cool learning app, Elevate, and it’s still great. I have improved in some categories, but math.. Because I sadly suck at numbers. I’m working out a lot more, and let me tell you, I have never felt more confident in myself!

I created a whole set of workouts for each day of this month, and I have been seeing some changes. Of course I would be seeing drastic changes if I would change my eating habits. I mean, I am doing a lot better now than before. So that’s a biggy. I have come this far and I think I deserve a high five -l0l- 

Well, as for today I woke up and made breakfast again for the husband. I’m glad everything is fine between us again. We have bee arguing over something lately and maybe one day I’ll pour it out. Only if it happens again. 

Alright well, have a great day today. 


One thought on “18. An Update.”

  1. Sorry, by looking at your last post “LEAVE”, i misunderstood as you are leaving the journal website and I really felt bad about that.
    After I read todays article of yours I realized that you are talking about something, then i went back and read your “LEAVE” journal and it gave me a completely different meaning altogether.
    Am feeling good now. have a good day…

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