29. Money makes the world go round.

Money, money, money. Oh how it makes the world go round.


I have never been one to hold money, a small rectangle of paper, to a high standard. I have never had a lot of it, even back when I was a child, we were….fairly…poor. Day we didn’t eat, winters without heat, and nights without lights. Even with those circumstances I have ALWAYS enjoyed life. So money just wasn’t important. I never really saw the point in saving money when their can always be more made, another out clocked working for some corporation, making some other guy hundreds of thousands of dollars. So I have always gotten by with the bare minimum, and loved it, until now. I was out of work for a few weeks, and my lack of finding saving important has put me a month behind on rent and my car note. Not being full time at Long Horn has really drained my pockets. I see now why people put money away, for things like this. Not only if something like this happens, but for their future. I want a family, and to buy a house, pay for college, and none of that can be done without money. I now see why humans are so greedy. I refuse to be that way, but I have learned a lesson on why it is important, even if I do enjoy most things that are free. My rent, my car, food, and college do not fall in the things I enjoy having that are free. I suppose my growing up and wanting to further my self, makes me understand putting away a little for safety, and enjoyment, are also important. I wish I had learned this lesson earlier in life, how ever, now is not to late.



My financial situation is putting a lot of stress on me, its hard to stay focused, and motivated. I’m taking it one day at a time, but the fire burning in me is withering away very quickly. Every time I stand up and thing the ground is steady, it all just begins to crumble. I find my self constantly trudging through the mud, cleaning my self of the disaster that wiped me out. I always make it, I always come out a better man, a better person, and motivated then ever. How ever, I’m beginning to think its a vicious cycle I’ll never break. A stable life, will always just be out of my grasp.


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  1. Hi Mien, I really liked your post about money and how it impacted in your life, I appreciate the way you have written, and the choice of words you have made in your article are excellent, being English a second language for me, it’s really really a good one as learning prospective, i would like to read all your posts and make some notes as and when i find some good points or phrases. I have added you in my Favorite list.
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