Day 15, 16 & 17 – 30 Days of Summer

Wow, I have been enjoying summer so much, I’ve forgotten to write about summer.  I’ve had a few busy days and evenings and didn’t want to spend any more time indoors than I have too. 

Saturday was a busy day in yard, and then Jenna came for dinner. When your kids become adults, it’s a rare treat to have them home for dinner, so when they do, you cook something they love and enjoy every minute of time with them.  Everyone says enjoy your kids while they’re young, because they grow up really fast.  When you’re in the middle of your little kid years, it’s hard to believe that statement, but then it happens and it’s absolutely true. 

Today I was a busy girl and got done way less than I planned.  But….I got BC cherries from Costco!  Stop everything you’re doing and prepare your tummy for cherries!  

I hate everything cherry flavored, so much so that when the girls would get a sucker at church after mass and it was cherry, they could not open it in the car or I would feel nauseous.  But fresh cherries…..they run a close second to watermelon for my favourite fruit.  I know my tummy is going to hurt, but it’s worth every cramp and (well, you know) to enjoy the very short amount of time I have fresh cherries in my belly.  

If you’re looking for me in the next few days I’ll be eating cherries or….😉

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