Day 506 – Church & writing

Sunday, July 16th 2017

Today I ushered at church. Things went by as usual, but my mom told me someone was asking me if I was interested in recording the pastor during the service for the church’s YouTube channel, since right now there’s only one guy doing it and sometimes he can’t. I gladly accepted, since I thought it’d be fun. It’ll also give me a chance to mention the videos can only be heard in the left ear. I’m sure they know, but they should still fix that, unless they don’t know how, then I can see what I can do.

At home I went on the server to help someone out, built a little bit and got some writing inspiration. I have an awesome idea for a story, so I’m excited. The other storyline I had I thought was boring, so this one is gonna be much better.

That’s all for today.

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