It’s kind of all happening so suddenly.

Whats news.

agree to differ
If two people agree to differ, they accept that they have different opinions about something and stop trying to persuade each other that they are right.

This is my second post of today! So..please pardon me for my over-curiosity about English.

Speaking of, July fifth is the day I go and see the doctor and figure out what my options are, so that I can continue on to the next set, surgery. It’s kind of all happening so suddenly. I knew that this year would be the year, but these doctors are so on top of things, and eager to get this done, so that I can get back on T, it amazes me. It’s like they actually care.

Work is going down hill, which is alright because I have a job interview Monday. It’s time to move on. With this job I’ll have less responsibility, and be able to focus on studying and school more. Dedicate some really time and effort into my business.




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  1. Hey! I read your bio – I actually have a couple of people I talk to from here, so if you want to too and if you’re interested in conversation, you can email me at bystanderobservant@gmail.com ^-^ Hope all is well with you ~

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