Sunday July 16th

I did walk John this morning, but little else toward my goals. My mother is here. She was already at the house when I got back from walking John, so I haven’t worked on my classes today or my Spanish lesson or anything. I will hopefully get more done tomorrow. John is so out of shape he is done walking at around 2.6 miles. Just done. He sat down in the grass today  and had to rest for about 10 minutes before he would get up and walk back home. I am going to do my best to encourage Noah to walk him more and for a longer time. 

I have all my shit out of the storage unit as of today, so that’s good. I will not have to pay for that, anymore. I had paid for 6 months up front when I rented it, so it’s not line it was a regular monthly expense, anyway. But, now I don’t have stuff there, so that’s good. My mother is taking some things to her house some things are for Bethany and the rest is just photo albums and whatever that I don’t know what to do with. My place just doesn’t have any storage. I’m not complaining because I do have 3 closets and I did look at apartments that had zero closets, so at least I have somewhere to put my clothes. I am definitely ready to go back. I have had enough of here. 

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