[18] ~*Tue – 07/18/17*~

[3:24 pm]

Yep! Just got out of bed and it’s past 3 pm. Really, I wanted to stay in bed even longer but I couldn’t sleep anymore so I decided to get up. My back hurts as always so I took some Advil and waiting for it to start doing it’s magic. Sis texted to say they were coming to town today and wanted to go eat at the Chinese Buffet. I told her I was already hungry so I don’t know about waiting as she said it would prob only be around 7 pm. That is way too far for me as I’m already hungry. I had also planned on mowing the lawn today and I really don’t know about that anymore. I can tell you that right now it’s a big fat no as my back is killing me but it’s usually fine after an hour or two that I’m out of bed. I really hate how it always hurts if I stay in bed for more than 8-10 hrs. I don’t understand why it’s like that but it’s quite annoying as I can barely stand up straight when I get out of bed.

But yea, if we do go eat out around 7 pm that’s sorta in the middle of me mowing the lawn so then I really don’t know if I should do it today. I also always sweat a lot when I mow the lawn so of course I need a shower afterward and with having to go eat, I don’t know. The thing is, if I don’t do it today I’m not too sure when I’ll be doing it. Well, I think it’s not too too bad so I should be fine but I hate when I’m supposed to be doing it at a certain time and I don’t. I guess I could maybe do it Thu as I’m done work around 6 pm but that is also my grocery day so meh. I shall see!

Hub took the car to the dealership this morning to get the oil change but he took a bigger service than just the oil change so now I’m scared to see how much that will cost. Seem everything is money lately. We still need to pay about $5000 for those windows and doors which we still haven’t heard back from the manager to come change those scratched pieces on the doors. There’s the $1200 for the new PC which we still haven’t heard from the company either to see what we need to do as it doesn’t work. I’m still waiting on the jail guy to book those dam cells for next week. Why can’t people just get in touch with me?! I wish we could just settle everything as it seems that there’s a lot I’m waiting on and I hate it. I want to text the jail guy again but I don’t want to bug him but I really do want to go next week. I don’t know… I think I will send him another text right now to say “Hey we met last week and I am still waiting to book for next week.” or something. Hub had said he would call him cause I really don’t want to call him as I feel I’d be harassing him but he didn’t have time yesterday so he said he would today but I think I might just text him one more time and then have hub call if he doesn’t answer. As for the doors, I’m not in too much of a hurry as if it’s not fix, I don’t have to pay. Haha! Although it would be nice if I could just pay it off and be done with it. The PC, that is hub to deal with it.

Also, people always say that what ever is on your mind when you try to fall asleep will be what you dream about. HOW?! Almost every night I say to myself that I want to be a fairy and I have never once dreamt about it. Bleh! I wish we could just go to bed and decide what we dream about, that would be cool. Anyways, that was just one of my random thoughts.




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