19. Empty.

I feel really empty inside. Nothing. Complete silence and no emotion. Lonely. Cold. 

I don’t know what to do nor why I have days like this. I feel like I should pray and then maybe read a book. Praying helps me because I am talking and I know that my God is listening. He always does. He makes me feel his peace.

Reading helps also because it helps me keep occupied with running a movie in my head instead of focusing on reality. My life is kind of boring. Only whenever my husband leaves for work, since I can’t work yet. 

I wonder if it’s because of the weather today. Very gloomy outside. Is it weird that I feel the need to cry? Just for no reason? 

I heard it’s good to cry once in a while, that it’s healthy not to hold it in. 

Some people are throwing tantrums across the hall. I guess everyone is having that day

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