Day 507

Monday, July 17th 2017

Today showed that working is a little more bearable. I also had a partner that works a lot quicker, despite him telling me I have to stop rushing, when he’s the one rushing, haha. There’s also more students, which is nice.

At home I just lounged around, worked a bit on my brother’s birthday card, then watched Supernatural episode.

Also, spoilers for the new Doctor, but I’m not sure how I feel about the Doctor being female. I will give her a chance of course, but I hope it goes well, cause it’s gonna be harder than usual to reconnect with the Doctor on this regeneration.

That’s all for today.

2 thoughts on “Day 507”

  1. Hi, Accidentally i have read your journal, just by seeing the title as ‘day-507’ i just went and checked your first journal “Day 1 – Here We Go”.
    I don’t know really what to say, but hats off to your commitment, 507 days means almost 2 years you have bee doing something which you have decided to do!!.

    I really got inspired by seeing your commitment towards writing.
    You can achieve anything in life… Good luck.. 🙂

  2. Thank you for the kind words ^-^ Good luck with your writing too 😀

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