July -17 -17 issue

So our country Philippines is now the haven of almost a universal economic chaos. Good that the United States of America and the European countries give our countrymen the opportunity to work there and it gives a solution to poverty to those who are left behind.
If you have money in the bank during the start of Duterte’s regime one year ago, for example, 500, 000 pesos just without using it the value in the world market would be four hundred thousand pesos, a loss of 100 000 in just a matter of 12 months. Because our currency is devalued so fast. That is 1:52 now. And that is the present economy in the Philippines. Prime commodities are almost unreachable especially that Value added taxes are newly added again. Rice which was 30 peso a year ago, is now 45. We have man made war in almost all part of our country, and even Doctors were killed with no viable reasons.I mean the Cavite Health officer. Police who were found out to be murderers by thorough Senate investigations were released for no good reasons at all. The Police Colonel who are relatives of the Marcoses was released and given a lucrative position in the CIDG.
In Marawi our good soldiers who are fighting toe to toe against the terrorist were killed by our own bombers with no good reasons at all. Buildings and houses were victims of less precise pilots, and people who were in the evacuation center just died with out proper care. Yet Duterte can still be able to act like he is a Marlon Brando a godfather or a Rambo with a big stomach full of pancit noodle. The money or maybe 3 billion left by the previous regime, just lost in the open air, when junkets organized by the palace went around the world uncaring about the plight of the poor in our country. When Duterte told the soldiers to rape three each, and he will cover it up, rape now became almost a daily routine in the newspaper. When a person is killed then they are a stereotype as drug lords or drug runner, yet those Chinese who were arrested because of drug merchandising were released and were flown free with no problem at all. But anyway he has still five more years to correct his failures in all aspect. His governance can still be rescued, and hope is still a big wish for all people.
In the entertainment industry, we are very proud that our Filipino entertainer has already invaded the western hemisphere. In Canada’s 150th birthday anniversary, TFC’s ASAP people will have their affair in Ricoh Coliseum, and it is surely a sellout business. Most of the new Filipino immigrants and those who are TFC subscriber knew those coming artists already. It helps a lot to our young who wanted to be exposed to the limelights. I read one tribute of Filipino artist, who died in 2008. He was so called the Filipino Tom Jones, and his favorite rendition is Delilah. Sam Saruno of the Philippines was a sixth dan martial Arts, but his voice is really Tom Jones. He had one time been an actor in Hong Kong and had 6 films. At the age of 58, he died due to cancer of the prostate. I am also proud of our nephews who are owner and composers of Kuya Records and Productions. Sam Gerongco, and his brother, Bobby Brass, his entertainment name. They have already albums that reach the platinum records. Breaking news also in Cebu Noven Belleza the first tawag ng tanghalan champion is arrested due to a complaint by a 19-year-old lady, about Rape. The story, that the girl is his friend, and inside the condominium, where he was lodged the girl was forced into sex. It is still under investigation and we still don’t know the real story. If it is true, that would not be good for his career. He will be knocked out by that. Also in Basketball at Jone Cup, our Gilas Team, composed of a-one selected players, first succumbed to the Canadians with a score of 77-90. Hope they can regain their supremacy. they are defending champion. In boxing, our good friend Manny Pacquiao lost to Jeff Horn. Many said it was controversial but the WBO Council who investigated it prevailed that Horn really won the contest. If I will say that Manny won, then, I am a sore loser also. Since our peso is devalued or tortured already, better earn on the dollar. That is now the general direction. So we should encourage our poor farmer and fishermen in our country, to convert their earning in dollars. Duterte may be happy for that.

I am not a preacher, nor someone who is an authority in religion, but I am one of those who believes that Jesus is the Lord and Son of God. His teaching brings everyone to think about themselves, their situations and destiny. Many of the verses in the bible have advised us about the bad consequences of doing the wrong things, but because of vulnerability people are tempted to do the adversarial thing. Mathew’s book about the sermon on the mount is so simple to understand, but not an easy thing to follow. But if you are Godly enough it is not a difficult thing to do. Just pray always ask him to guide you on the right path, I think he will. He said, seek first his kingdom and his righteousness and everything will just follow. Thank you, and God bless you.

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