Saw Dr. well make that nurse practitioner and all is good.  Mainly extremely fatigued legs with no strength but you all know that.  Had to ask about the “gas” issue and my thought was correct.  It is probably from  the meds SO dr. said I should try to take the one pill both at the same time when I get home from work.  I hope that helps and I’m sure other people hope so too.  lol.  CT is scheduled and next dr. appointment is scheduled to get the results.  Need to get my chemo schedule fixed.  They have some Wednesdays on there.  CONFLICT.

On to chemo room where counts were good.  Chemo was started and I was actually near the end when guess what happened?  The fire alarms went off in the building.  Everybody had to go outside.  All the nurses, staff, doctors, and patients, patients with their infusion pumps and wheelchairs and all the other offices in the building.  What a sight we must have been.  Outside in the heat we waited a good 15 MINUTES before the fire trucks finally came and after they came guess who decided to show up?  The police.  I thought they were supposed to get there first.  I think people even the nurses thought this was just a drill.  Oh NO.  It was the REAL THING.  From what I could pick up as I was holding onto my infusion  pump with both hands the detectors responded to some odor no fire just an odor.

I’m out of here for now.

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