Can’t be accepted.

Here is a quote I came across today on google search about physical abuse. This quote have very good saying about physical abuse and what can lead too.

What is going on is my mother is in a verbal and physical abuse relationship for a very long time. I want to show her the quote but can’t. My mom is the type of parent that will not respect and not listen to her kids saying. She only thinks that being a mother is just providing food, room, electronics, and goods… but not her responsibility for feeling and considerations. Another saying is she is not there for mentally and emotionally.

My mom and dad relationship are off and on. They just got back together since end of March or beginning of April. A year and half ago they had a huge fight and dad have physically abuse mother which he push, smack, hit, etc… and she end up bruised. Also as she get ready for work she need to hide her bruised face and arm. In addition she been sleeping in the living room for a year and half or so until they got back together.

Literally I really don’t get mother. She always tell us many negative things in their relationship and not being happy. Then she accept him back…. what have she been thinking? She always tell me and my younger sister never choose someone like dad.  

Now, mother knows that me and my younger sister is not accepting him back as a father due to his actions. She got mad at us… and we both told her that we can’t accept him. Another thing is mother have negative saying about dad for many many years and her saying already impacted me and my younger sister to not accept it. Mother been trying to force us to accept the changes. I have to say I accept it half because I don’t want to live in stress. But the other half I am just going to be aware of him, because I know what is he since I was young which is a verbally and physical abuse individual being.

Yes, when I was young I saw everything which is fights. In the fights it was very physical  and verbal abuse.

Note to my readers and for me… never ever be like my mother. Below I have found another good saying and hope that saying will help us. Yes, if your in one of these relationship… please walk out… YOU totally WON!  


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