[19] ~*Wed – 07/19/17*~

[12:57 am]

It’s basically 1 am right now and I don’t feel like going to bed at all. I’m still watching Switched At Birth and working on my farm. Now I’m debating on restarting it from start or just edit parts of the one I already have as it would be much easier. I want to keep working on it when I know I should put it away and go to bed. I also want to read before sleeping as it’s what I always do but it’s already so late. Bleh! I don’t want to work at 10 am tomorrow. 

Again, I don’t really know why I’m writing as I don’t have anything to say. I just wanted to say that I don’t want to go to bed right now. I’m still feeling bleh! I’m actually thinking about the dear fountain. Haha! I’d want to go sit there to just relax. Maybe I should have a fountain in my backyard so then I would feel safe to go sit at a fountain during the middle of the night.


[1:51 am]

I feel soo queasy right now. I was laying down in bed with hub and it just started. I feel horrible and I hate puking so I hope it goes away soon. When I get like this I normally work on my breathing and it goes away after a few minutes but I don’t think it’s working right now. The heat makes me sick a lot but like I said, I’ve learned to manage the urge to puke by breathing but I don’t think this is caused by the heat. I might have to sleep with a bucket. 





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