Day 18 & 19 – 30 Days of Summer

Two years ago if someone would have told me this summer Jim would be retired and I would be working from home, enjoying beautiful summer days, afternoon bike rides and 4:00pm cocktails on the deck….well, I sure the heck wouldn’t have believed them!  

But this is exactly where life has taken us and it’s almost like living in a dream. 

As a grown up we resolve to the knowledge we will work for many years, with only a few short weeks for vacation; the rest of our days spent inside our workplaces gruelling and waiting for retirement (or almost retirement) thinking it will never arrive…..and then one day it does and it’s sweet.

Some things are different than what I expected, but not in a bad way.  There’s still lots to do, the cleaning fairy doesn’t show up much and laundry has not figured out how to do itself. But most days I’m home so I can sneak in chores when I need to and they aren’t rushed now.

Cocktails on the deck….most people think margaritas or martinis; but good health has exchanged my preferences and these days it’s Kombucha on ice.  Life is working itself out and I’m sure glad I’m here to enjoy it. 

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