Hate Writing Titles

So nothing new has really happened the past few days except a bit of a pregnancy scare… I shouldn’t be having those since I’m 28 and I’m married and I don’t have financial issues or anything, but I just don’t want any kids. I was mentally freaking out for the past two days  because I was 3 days late, which has never happened before. 
So after waking up, Nathan and I went to town to go do some other stuff and visit some friends but also got a pregnancy test just to see, but I couldn’t go home right after getting it because my sister calls me and asks me to get her some ramen noodles because she’s in the mood for some but doesn’t want to drive into town to get any.  (She lives out of town too. 10 miles away from my house)  
So, get home and Nathan goes in to put away groceries and I go visit my sister. She had a LEEP procedure done and got put on light duty/ or restrictions for work and isn’t allowed to do much at home either. Might have to get a hysterectomy. She’s gonna be 42 in December so that really isn’t early in age for her I guess. Our mom had it at 40. Not like she’s going to have more kids. 
So I visited with her for a little while and then went home to take that test. LOW AND BEHOLD. (TMI BTW) First off, I always put a tampon in just to see if I’m bleeding yet and take it out after about a minute. It was clean. So I was worried.
Well right after I pee GUESS WHAT. Period. Like What the fuck.
I know it’s too much Info, but you don’t have to read. 
Yeah. I mean I was happy I wasn’t pregnant, but seriously… right after. Wasted $20. I mean I shouldn’t have been worried I guess. Been on birth control since I was 16 years old, but for the last 3 months I have been so forgetful that I’ve gone days without taking them before realizing and then take those and for get two days later and so on.  Then we ended up making up after that big fight and had sex which I normally ask for him to wear a condom still because of my forgetfulness, but we didn’t that time. 
He was kinda upset. He wants a kid and he knows how much I don’t want one. I mean.. I want a bigger house before we even get pregnant. Which Might not happen for a few years more. I don’t know. *sigh* 
Debating on talking to Nathan more about it.  Really sucks that we won’t have the weekend off together or really much time off together now that he’s back on swing shift and they are 12 hour shifts. Days off don’t seem to land together. Hopefully we can get a date in and maybe talk about that more. The last few times I tried to get a date day it didn’t exactly happen. Ended up being working on the house or doing something other than trying to have a date. I miss dates. Ugh. 
Almost a year since we got married and it feels like we stopped trying to ‘date’. September 23rd. 1 year. Hoping that will be a nice date.

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