[20.2] ~*Thu – 07/20/17*~

[11:10 pm]

My friend, which we hadn’t talk to each other for a while, just texted me cause he’s depressed. He got his car stolen (his insurance doesn’t cover theft), lost his job (was delivering stuff so no car, no job) and had to kick two people out of his house (they weren’t paying and were into shady stuff). Sounds like a lot and makes my misfortune look like nothing. I feel bad but I sorta wonder if this is all true as like I just said, it seems like a hell of a lot for one person to go through in a week. I wish I could do something to help him out but I’m way too far to be able to do anything. 

This entry isn’t much but I felt like writing about this as I don’t know.. I don’t think this friend would lie to me about stuff happening in his life but it just sounds so surreal. I also feel really bad about even thinking in the first place that he could be exaggerating. We’ve always been very good friends and I don’t know why I’m even doubting what he’s saying. I guess it’s cause we’ve been drifting a part and talking on and off although we’ve always remain friends. I just hope that things will get better for him. I hate knowing that he’s been depress as I’ve always known him as the happy type. 

Knowing about someone else’s bad luck makes you rethink yours. I know I always complain for the smallest thing but hey, it’s who I am. If I don’t complain.. i’m not me anymore. 




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