[20.1] ~*Thu – 07/20/17*~

[8:11 pm]

Alright, I’m taking a break from my farm game to write. That game will drive me crazy very soon as I’m trying to edit my farm and it’s just such a mess to do so. I think it would be easier to start it back from scratch but it takes so much time. I wish I had a picture of the one I currently have and could just look at it and sorta redo what I already have but start it from scratch cause going back and forth from one farm to another in the edit mode kinda sometime screws up the one I’m currently using and not editing and it pisses me off. So I decided to take a little break from it and come write.

One of my client kinda pissed me off today as he wanted to go to the park to get wet in the water park BUT he didn’t have a change of clothes or even a towel. He did this to me like 2 weeks ago and I wasn’t impressed. I had told him to not get too wet as he had to get in the car afterward but of course he got totally wet. I made him sit on a grocery bag as I didn’t want him to wet my car seat. Grr! So I did the same today. He said that next time he’d bring a towel and he better cause this is making me mad. On top of that, he made me go for a walk around the lake and it was SUPER HOT today. I suffered! No one should be walking in this dam temperature. When we were done our walk I had to go to the washroom cause I was having a sort of attack. I don’t do well with the heat to begging with so imagine going for a walk. My stomach got so upset, I was sweating as hell, having a hard time breathing, felt like I was going to pass out and had a huge headache. I don’t know why I keep doing this to myself. I just seem to not be able to say no to them for things like this cause then I feel that I put a stop to what they’d want to do but this is ridiculous. Next time I need to say no cause this was awful. I can tell you that after that I felt very much drained and grumpy. I still have a headache right now and feel exhausted.

Since I didn’t mow the lawn on Mon or Tue my next day was today but as I just said, it’s way too warm to be doing anything outside so mowing the lawn will have to wait and I really don’t know when I’ll have a chance as I work all evenings and Mon evening I’m going for my hair and then my mom will be here until Thu and Thu I’ll be taking a client in the evening to cover his time that I will be cancelling on Wed so yea.. looks like it will have to wait the following week and I’ll need to change my mowing schedule for the rest of the summer unless I do it two weeks in a row. I guess our lawn doesn’t look that bad so at least that. 

The guy for the doors called this morning and he said they would come fix our doors by the end of the month. He will call back later on to schedule something. So hard to have this done. Just like the dude for the jail. I texted him AGAIN earlier and still nothing. I’m very disappointing as it looks like we won’t be going and I told my mom we were going somewhere so now I have no clue what we will be doing as it’s kinda hard to book something in the middle of the summer 5 days ahead of time. Bleh!

More bleh, hub called in sick today as he wasn’t feeling well. We just spend I don’t know how much money and he’s loosing a day. Arg!

I also felt very sad earlier cause since my dad’s funeral when I hear the church bells I get a bit upset. I heard them at noon which pinched my heart but it was not too bad but I heard them again at 6:00 and that almost made me cry. I had to turn the music louder in the car to stop hearing them. Then I was driving home and I was missing my dad very much. I’ve been OK with his passing and it wasn’t “that” hard cause I wasn’t seeing him much so it’s not like I went from seeing him all the time to not seeing him anymore so it made it easier but today I just felt like I would of needed to hear his voice.

Let’s talk about something else before tears start falling. Actually, I don’t really have anything else to talk about at the moment or I just forgot about what else I wanted to talk about so I guess I will go do the dishes before going back to my dear farm. Looks like I’ll be the one doing the suggies kitchen today as hub went back to bed. I’ll forgive him for tonight!

Oh yea, my client of tomorrow morning already cancelled so I can sleep in tomorrow. Woot woot! I’m a bit scared that the office will say something soon thought as she cancelled last Fri, this Mon and tomorrow. Oh well.. hopefully they won’t say anything as long as she does come out once in a while during the month. It’s also summer so clients tend to cancel more during this time as they go away or do stuff with family/friends. As long as I’m still getting paid I’m more than OK with them cancelling. Hehe! 


[9:29 pm]

I totally forgot to say that I am stupid. Duh! I have a thermos bottle that I take with me during the day and for the past few days it seemed like my water was never cold. I told hub that my bottle wasn’t working anymore as my water was lukewarm and shouldn’t be. I told him that even after putting the bottle in the fridge over night, it was still not cold. I’m just dumb! He was like “Do you put cold water in there?”. Maybe?! Lol! I guess it makes total sense as I was more than likely just filling the bottle with the water from the tap as soon as it was coming out so it didn’t have time to get cold and since it’s a thermos, it keeps the water at the temperature that it was at when it went in so no wonder my water was never cold. I wouldn’t let the water get cold before I’d fill the bottle. Yep, that’s me.. Miss dumb dumb! At least now I’ll be having cold water and I’m glad I had cold water today cause I really needed it. Hub said I was just saying that my bottle wasn’t working cause I wanted his as it isn’t dented. I kinda dropped mine on cement so there’s quite a dent on it and at first I did wanted to trade it cause I hate when my things are “broken” BUT the dent is at the right place to put my thumb in when I drink so it’s all good. Haha! When he asked if it was why I wanted to try his I told him “Nope, I like my dent, it’s perfect for my thumb.” which he was like “Yea, I see that.” when he took the bottle he realized the dent was at a perfect place. Maybe I should dent his. Bouhaha!




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