[20] ~*Thu – 07/20/17*~

[2:02 am]

It’s hot! My face keeps sweating, my hair feels so warm. I just can’t wait for winter. I HATE summer! Plus, I’m super white as I try to stay away from the sun as much as possible but earlier I was in the tub taking my bath and when I looked at my feet I can see my sandals design on them. I didn’t even think my legs had tanned as they are so white, so really didn’t think my feet would of tanned. They did! It’s super ugly as my sandals covers almost all my feet but a few lil spaces are open so most of my feet are white beside those few spots where they are open so it’s quite ugly. But dang, without that you would never say that I have a lil tan. 

Anyways, it’s late once again and I’m still not sleeping. I haven’t even read yet. I was busy working on my darn farm which I think I give up making a new one and will just try to edit the one I already have but even to that, it takes forever. I also did the garbages before coming to bed cause I know I won’t do it before work in the morning. 

It’s kinda sad, a friend had landed us a game for the Wii cause I had always wanted to try it since it came out and, we never even tried it. He texted hub today saying he wanted his game back as he wanted to play and I’m pretty sure it’s been more than a month since we had it and we never even touched it. It’s pretty sad! We don’t even get time or take time to play a game together.


[3:15 am]

Fairies! Fairies! Fairies!




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