7/20/2017 (II)

I have just finished the third chapter of The Great Gatsby. For some reason, I’m reminded of A Hero of Our Time. I enjoyed every page of that book. It’s the kind of book that makes your heart ache, and then race, and then smile.

I indulge in plenty of things. Putting on false eyelashes is one of them. I have recently bought two kinds – a pack of individual ones and a pack of dramatic, sultry ones. I just adore the way they can transform your entire look. I’m turning into Lisa Eldridge. Ha – ha, oh how I wish.

I have started putting together a shopping list for the next few months. It turns out I’ll need at least £600. I’m exaggerating, of course, but it really is a lot of money I need. From trousers to sandals, to notebooks, to a new schoolbag, to skincare, I need it all. I’m not even being greedy, these are bare necessities.

Four days ago, I believe, I downloaded The Sims 3. I feel as if I’m cheating on my faithful Sims 2. But as the narrator in Love it or List it says, “Maybe you should start seeing other houses (that is ‘games’)”.

We’re going on vacation in 11 days and I honestly hope it’s great fun. I’ve written about this before. I plan to go for a run under the fragrant trees, listening to the bold chirruping of crickets, and the sound of waves as they’re shattered by the cliffs on every of those chilly and sunny early mornings. Then I’d return to the hotel, have a shower, then eat a massive amount of cereal and drink a litre of hot cocoa.

I can, of course I can, imagine myself sitting at the hotel deck, drinking a milkshake or a mojito, even, with a handsome étranger‘s hand on my thigh, indulging in a week-long affair. But kissing a stranger for a week and never seeing them again takes courage. I’m not saying that I don’t have the courage, it’s the boys who don’t.

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