Day 20 – 30 Days of Summer

Last night I became my mom.  And not like a little bit of my mom, a full on copy of my mom!

I swept my kitchen floor before I went to bed.

My mom swept her floor every night before she turned out the lights and went to sleep.  It didn’t matter if there was a hundred people in the house all day or no one in the house all day; she swept the floor.

We would wonder why she insisted on this routine; even make comments there was probably nothing on the floor to sweep.  She would tell us straight up “I will always find dirt to sweep up”.  And she did; she always had a pile of it in the dustpan.  

Last night I was tidying before heading upstairs and something just said to me – sweep the floor.  As I was seeing the pile of dirt start to collect I thought….mom would be so happy right now seeing her kid sweeping the floor.  There’s a kind of satisfaction you get seeing that dirt pile….you have to try it to understand. 

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