I’m leaving New York soon to go back to my place in Arizona. I’m really going to miss him (I’m going to call him Jack from now on). 

Jack hasn’t tried to convince me to sleep with him yet. Last night he surprised me at my hotel by buying me a bouquet of flowers from the nearby flower shop. They’re beautiful white roses. 

We spent the evening talking about stuff. He told me more about his two kids, a 17 year old son and a 12 year old daughter, but he hardly mentioned his wife at all. I think he’s trying to make it seem like she doesn’t exist. 

He asked about my family, and I told him mostly everything. About my nieces and nephew, my distant father and loveable yet cruel mother, and about my sisters who don’t care for me that much. He actually seemed like he cared about my family, but, then again, he might just be acting interested for the sake of getting with me. 

I mentioned how I was going to take my niece to the hot pools over the weekend for her birthday and Jack offered to pay for it. I declined many times, but some how he convinced me to accept it. 

He left at around 10:40 PM. As I was seeing him out, he gave me a kiss on the cheek and let his hand linger on my lower back for a little too long, but I sort of don’t mind. 

I’m worried that I’m going to fall for him and end up ruining a happy family because I can’t keep my feelings under control. 

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