Oink, oink

Well, it’s been a whole month that I was able to resist, but I broke the seal of the Moose Tracks ice cream today.  I decorated it with semi-sweet chocolate chips too.  It was in a small bowl however, so I wasn’t too much of a “le cochon” 🐷 as my mom would say. Although, there was that overflowing bowl of Honey Chex drizzled with organic, dark maple syrup and vanilla almond milk for breakfast. *drools*

Cochon. 🐽 

I haven’t taken my “binge-preventing” medication in the last couple days. Normally, I don’t need it daily, but only when I am feeling stressed or depressed, which my mood has been really low lately.  No pills, I wanted “comfort” food.  Just that immediate rush of dopamine and endorphin levels.  *sigh*  Sometimes I wish I never loved you, chocolate!   And don’t get me started on my love affair with *maple syrup.  

* I’m talking about the real pure maple syrup that comes from trees, not that sugary chemical mockery with the same label.  

Yes, I am a Canadian. 🍁 


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