[21] ~*Fri – 07/21/17*~

[12:56 pm]

Seems like all I do on here is complain or say how sad I feel so might as well keep going in that direction. When I started writing I really thought I’d be writing about happier moments and exciting adventures I’d be going on but things are taking a different turn. Oh well, it is my life so nothing I can really do for the moment but just talk about it as it makes me feel better.

I’m still mad at myself since my client of this morning cancelled, of course I had already decided to sleep in. Around 10:45 am I checked my phone and saw I had a voicemail from the office so I listened to it and it was my second client cancelling. That said, I stayed in bed until now. Bleh! My back is killing me and I still have a headache from yesterday. I haven’t gone outside so I’m not sure how hot it is today but they had said it was supposed to be as hot as yesterday so I surely hope my client doesn’t want to go for a walk today.

I should probably get myself something to eat before leaving as I know I will be hungry before tonight although in the end I’m only working 5 hrs with my cancellation. I might make myself a shake. Hub always drink those and it seem to be filling him up. I tried it once but I was still hungry. I just don’t feel like making myself anything right now as my back really hurts. I took some Advil and waiting on them to kick in. I really feel that I am always wasting my days away. Hopefully I’ll feel more alive after summer.

So, I went to bed around 12:30 am last night to do some reading before I sleep and of course I was reading and then I felt so tired that I put my book down to just relax for 10 mins but I ended up falling asleep. I really hate when I do that. My farm is taking too much of my time lately so I read less and it’s bugging me a little bit. I’m never happy! Meh! I’m still thinking about the fountain. I really don’t know why I’m obsess with it. I just want to go sit there and relax but I couldn’t this week as it’s been way too warm to be out there. 

Anyways, now I’m debating on going to the office before I go get my client or not. I kinda don’t want to go cause it’s on opposite direction than my client but I want to get my paycheck. I hate how they are still paying us with a paycheck. Who does that in this day and age?! It’s annoying cause I don’t always have the time to drop in and if I don’t well I need to wait until Mon to get it. I’m glad I don’t live paycheck to paycheck but it’s still quite annoying. I can’t imagine the people that does need to go get it the very same day it comes out. But yea, if I don’t go before, I’m not sure I’ll have the chance to go in between clients as it depends how much of his time my client takes. I could always drop in with the other client but I hate going to the office with clients. It’s something I refuses to do unless it’s the client that have to go.

I feel sorta light headed and as if I’m not really there. I’m glad I only have 5 hrs of work but I think they might be hell.




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