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“It could be raining tits and I’d still get smacked in the face with a dick”


Perfect saying to describe everything my life is at this moment. Financially, struggling doesn’t even come close to how bad things are. I’m a month behind on rent, half my car note is behind, and guess whats right around the corner? August, when all he bills start rolling in brand new. Not to mention doctors appointments for Egg harvesting, my hysto, and reinstating my license. Almost forgot, I have IOP to finish for probation. I’m selling the car my mother was making…kind of making payments on. I feel bad, but as I explained to her, I have no choice, I’m going to lose my house, and with three dogs and a cat, it would be nearly impossible to find some place to go. I tried this a few months ago. To leave, find some place I can go and try and save a little. 20 hours a week at Long Horn just isn’t enough. I just got paid today, and my whole check was gone because m car insurance over drew my account, along with my gym membership. The little money I’m making I’m splitting up the best I can, how ever…200 a week..well…I just can’t live off of it. I cant even feed my self…haven’t been able to in months. I’m thankful for the little I do eat each day.


Sadly, this situation I’m trudging through is a lesson all in all, I’ll end up coming out on time. It’s just….I want to breath…I’m tired of battle after battle.

Honestly, I’m scared, I’m not sure how bad things will get.  

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