Day 510 – Kohai’s birthday & coworkers

Thursday, July 20th 2017

Today went well. It was also Kohai’s birthday! So of course I wished her happy birthday and my mom said to text her happy birthday as well <3

Luckily I was not moved to the other building like yesterday at work, and instead I worked with the same partner I talked to the most. He kept giving me “life lessons”, which mostly consisted of funny pranks.

At some point however, there was another remark, which was from the guy I worked with the two weeks last summer. I liked him a lot then, but he said : “She’s a girl, don’t make her lift heavy things” to my partner. Before I could retort like I said I would the other day, my partner said something along the lines of “She can lift heavy things if she wants, even if she is a girl.” After that the other left. Although I doubt that was enough. I just don’t like the guy anymore as I used to. I don’t hate him though, I’m just neutral about him.

Later on at break, another moment happened when the girl that went to my school mentioned tattoos. The guy I eat lunch with said not to get tattoos, and how it’s for criminals and the whole stereotypical thing. I told him I (the girl he saw to be completely innocent), even considered getting tattoos, which caused him to give up on saying not to get tattoos, but after I said I can’t anyway. The girl asked why, and I said “Just against my religion.” Then she stared at me and I looked back, and this is how the convo went :

“What?” (Asking why she was staring at me).

“Your religion?”


“You can’t let things like that stop you.”

“It’s what I believe in…”

“You can’t commit like, what’s it called, sacrereligion or something?” (Not sure what the word is supposed to be, although she meant to just go against my religion).


“Why not?”

“Cause I respect my religion.”

“Oh, okay.”

I mean, just, what? That’s not how religion works, haha. Sure, there’s some people who cherry pick, although I can’t just go against my religion cause I think “Eh, I don’t agree with that rule, I’ll just disobey this one and it won’t matter.” And what do you mean “Can’t let those kind of things stop you”? It’s a religion! But other than that, she’s nice. We talked again later in the day about prom and other things. She did mention she’s not religious, so maybe she just didn’t know about religion at all, but still.

Another moment in the day, someone tried to make me say a French swear word as a type of “initiation”. I said I don’t swear, but he argued it’s a church thing (the swear word is basically tabernacle in French), so I argued back with a smile that even if it is a church thing, he’s trying to make me say it with the intention of swearing. He laughed and some things were said I didn’t hear. Later on though I told my partner if he wants me to swear, he either has to really make me mad, which doesn’t happen much, or scare me. He kinda had that smirk as he stared at the wall after “scare”. Some would say it was a mistake to mention, but I’d like to see him try.

At home I tried working on my portfolio a bit, but I got discouraged and started having doubts about my career path. I’m gonna keep working hard at it anyway. I’m just overly critical about my art before I even give myself a chance to practice and learn.

That’s all for today.

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