I’m seeing foxes everywhere.

I don’t see the ones that live in my yard anymore, but I hear them on my nights off from work. From what I read it’s mainly the female that does it, but mom or dad is going around my yard doing a scream call. I know they are still there since I leave meat out for them sometimes to help them out with food and the food is always gone when I check again, and it is always somewhere where my dog Kadaj can’t get it…like under the barn lol
It’s been so hot out lately that I saved one of the cat litter containers…the like 30lb ones, washed it out and filled it with water and put it by the barn to make sure they have water to drink since it’s so hot. 
I mean I know they are still around, but I don’t know who are left. Nathan said there was four babies. I only saw two when they moved to the neighbors and since coming back Nathan has seen one of the foxes in general. There’s a parent around and possibly one baby still, but we don’t know since we never see them.
Lately though, when I’m driving around town before I head to work, I drive on the outside of the town. There is a big abandoned ethanol factory across from an old, well remodeled, apartment buildings and there is a bit open lot next to the apartments.  It’s apartments, big open lot with a bunch of trees on the edge next to the highway and then highway and the ethanol building is across from the lot on the road heading towards the highway…if that makes sense. 
Anyway, there is two foxes…maybe three, that live in those trees by the highway. I see them when I drive by the old factory and I stop and watch them. I try videoing them, but they are too far away so they are blurry like my little ones I took before. 
I hope mom doesn’t get hit, because the other day I drove by and she bolted across the road I was on, right in front of me, chasing a bird. I slammed on my breaks because she just sprinted on the road and went into the factory property. 

One was the mother so I think she only has one baby. Either way, I love watching them. The parents are always the first to run and the babies just sit and watch me while I watch them and I’ll make noises to them so they tilt their head or whatever. I’m debating on just sitting out in my yard over the weekend, since Nate works and I’m off all weekend, and just see if the foxes will get use to me being out there…but they might move the babies again too. I don’t know. They seem to come back to us so I am not sure if it’s because we have more shelter for them, which I’m afraid of a storm strong enough to finally blow the barn over. I’m pretty sure they wouldn’t survive that even though there is a good amount of space under the barn, but I don’t know if the floor of the barn will hold if the hole building went down. 
I’ve said before that I was going to take pictures of my yard to show people how things are and…well..I want to but now that my husband hasn’t mowed the lawn for a bit it looks shaggy. I need to go through my little flower gardens that I made for Blue and pick out the grass and weeds. Nathan didn’t know you should put down that black tarp stuff before you add dirt and flowers so I have unwanted greens in there lol
I’ll have to mow around the flower gardens and where we have the patio stuff and where the vehicles are parked. Nathan doesn’t exactly mow ‘around’ them. He leaves big patches of tall grass because he can’t be bothered with actually going around them lol 
I will have to do all that in the morning, it’s been so humid I’m dying lol
Speaking of dying… I really need to dye my hair again. So that I have it all one color and I miss it being a deep red. 
I have one more night of work and then I’m off the weekend. Hopefully  I can get some stuff done and visit my mom for a bit and possibly my grandmas. I miss them and I haven’t visited in a long time.

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